Venue Hire

Hunton Village Club

The Club is an ideal venue for a small ‘get together’ with family and friends, perhaps in celebration of a birthday, anniversary or christening.  Approximately 50 people can be comfortably accommodated.  A few members have taken advantage of the facility, which, with a little thought can be transformed, into a comfortable and attractive venue (as shown in the pictures).

Things you should be made aware of:

Club Membership / licence:

To hire the Club you must be a current member and being a members’ Club there are rules that apply, some of which are legal requirements.  For example the bar liquor licence is a Club licence and drinks should only be sold to members and their guests.  Each member may invite 3 guests so if your party consisted of say 36 people, you would need 9 members to be present and they could sign in the other 27 guests.  If your party does not include a sufficient number of members and you require to use the bar, it will be necessary to obtain a TENS licence (temporary events notice), which usually requires 14 days notice and costs approximately £21.  The Club can apply for the TENS licence on your behalf.


There is no objection to decorations being made to suit the occasion but the use of pins, nails, glue, cellotape etc. is not allowed.


As a Club, the members are allowed access during the regular opening hours and if your function is during or partly during the regular hours in the normal course of events we cannot deny access to them during those hours.  However, with special, specific agreement of the Management Committee it may be possible to have privacy.  Outside of the regular hours, it is possible, with the agreement of the Management Committee, to allow access to invited guests only.   


It is appreciated that the Club’s wine stock is extremely limited and should you wish to provide your own, a payment of £50 is required.

Bar Staff:

The Club is run on a voluntary basis with the bar staff giving freely of their time.  It is expected that a gratuity of  £25 will be paid to each member of the staff.  If 40 or more guests are invited it is likely that 2 bar staff will be needed.


There are no facilities for the preparation of food on the premises.  Caterers should have prepared all foodstuffs prior to arrival.

Crockery & Cutlery:

The use of the Club’s plates, knives and forks etc. can be agreed.  However, the bar staff are not responsible for the washing and drying of these and the glass washer cannot be used for anything other than glasses. Plates and cutlery must be returned clean.

Booking Form / Deposit:

We require a deposit to be paid at the time of booking, which is returnable provided there is no damage or additional cleaning of the premises required as a direct result of the function.  The deposit maybe offset against the final invoice.  A booking form must be completed with payment of the deposit at the time of the application.  Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Hunton Village Club’. 

Confirmation of Booking:

The booking will be confirmed after it has been considered and approved by the Management Committee who are not obliged to provide a reason should approval not be granted.  All monies paid at the time of booking will be returned in the event that the booking is not approved.