Chairman: Roger Lee

Secretary: Phil Nichols

Treasurer: Lisa Halliday


Peter  Day

Phil Nichols

Doug Redfarn

Committee members

Peter Bishop

Sandra Bullivant

Eddie Chambers

Helen Dennison

Mike Dixon

Celia Kennedy-Sloane

Bridget Robertson

Gil Robertson

Annette Trought

Hunton Village Club is located in West Street between Bensted Close and the entrance to The Square. It is a small building which dates back to the 1800's.

The photograph above appears to have been taken in 1905 and it shows the original building with a bell tower, two chimneys and a gabled entrance porch.  The building today has been extended at the front, rear and side, the bell tower and one chimney have been removed but a gabled entrance remains.

It is believed that the building was originally used as a meeting house and as a school for young ladies. There is a font and that remains in the building today but is buried under the floor.

It was part of the Hunton Court Estate once owned by the Campbell-Bannerman family. Henry Campbell-Bannerman became Prime Minister of England in 1905, (the same year as the picture above). He was born on 7 September 1836 in Kelvinside, Glasgow and entered Parliament in November 1868. He died on 22 April 1908 in 10 Downing Street 3 weeks after he had resigned due to ill health.

In May 1956 the property, known as Hunton Village Club, was by way of a conveyance, sold for the sum of £200 and entrusted to two trustees and it remains in trust to this day, the present trustees being Doug Redfarn, Phil Nichols and Peter Day. At that time an annual membership cost six shillings (30p today) but it should be remembered that a farm worker earned approximately £5.00 per week and worked at least 50 hours each week.

There were open fires at each end of the building and the beer barrels were in open view and kept cool by wet sacks being draped over them. In the late 1950’s the decision was taken to admit women, but only on Fridays. The toilet facilities were external and there was also a bike shed provided. The Club was affiliated to the Working Men’s Union which continues to this day. The Club did flourish with sufficient funds available in 1979 to extend the building and to include indoor toilet facilities. At one time there was sufficient money in the bank for the Committee to consider buying a house in Bensted Close for the use of the Steward who was employed on a full time basis but the purchase did not get approved. Women were eventually allowed greater access to the Club and could become Associate members but that did not give them the right to vote nor to speak directly to the Chair at General Meetings, it was necessary for them to speak via their husbands!

There were many years of prosperity but modern day life, activities and competition meant a much reduced membership and financial problems. In December 2005 the treasurer reported that the Club was insolvent with debts of over £10,000. A special meeting was called and the membership responded in an extraordinary way, making voluntary donations and interest free loans to allow the Club to continue trading. Unfortunately, the Steward had to be made redundant and the only way for the Club to continue to function was for all work to be carried out on a voluntary basis. Within a year all of the loans had been repaid and debts cleared. Some years later the Club continues to be run by volunteers all of whom have learned new skills in business management, bar work and customer care!

Opening Hours:

Monday -        Closed

Tuesday -       Closed

Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00

Thursday -     Closed

Friday -          Closed

Saturday -     Closed

Sunday -       20:00 - 22:30

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Hunton Village Club is run by volunteers who give up their free time to keep the Club going.  We are always looking for new members and volunteers as there are many jobs to do to keep the club running including helping behind the bar, maintenance, gardening and decorating.  If you would like to help out in any way please contact us as we would welcome any support you could offer.